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Sanchari Biswas
Venugopal Bhagyasree
Vivek N. Rathod


The objective of this study was to enumerate a checklist of birds of the Mudasarlova Reservoir, which is man-made reservoir situated in the district of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is used as a storage reservoir for drinking water and commercial purposes by the urban community. This area has always been blessed with diversity of flora, fauna (including avian fauna) since many years. The reservoir has also been a home and mating ground for various water birds, parakeets etc. It has also been a feeding and gliding ground for raptors. It is also accessed by the local community as a point of unsustainable fishing activities. But of late, this reservoir and the surrounding areas have been a witness to various developmental activities and simplification of natural landforms and the adjoining hills, due of urbanisation. As a result of this, the natural flow of the runoff water coming from various adjacent hills have been affected. This has not only triggered environmental and landform changes, but also has affected the avian fauna to certain extent.


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Biswas, S. ., Bhagyasree, V. ., & Rathod, V. N. . (2022). A CHECKLIST OF BIRDS AND DIVERSITY OF AVIAN FAUNA IN MUDASARLOVA RESERVOIR OF VISAKHAPATNAM, INDIA . Journal of Advanced Zoology, 42(02), 165–175. https://doi.org/10.17762/jaz.v42i02.51


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