The authors must go through the Fee Policies of the journal before proceeding further.

1) Republication Charges :

~ Authors seeking to republish their articles, within the same journal are liable to incur republication charges.

~ The fee for republication is set at $500 USD per article and must be borne by the authors or their affiliated institutions.

2) Retraction Charges :

~ The accuracy of submissions lies within the responsibility of the authors. Should a retraction be necessary due to errors or misconduct, the journal retains the authority to levy retraction charges.

~ These charges are set at $500 USD per retracted article and are the obligation of the authors or their affiliated institutions to settle.

3) Correction Charges :

~ Authors are strongly encouraged to meticulously review their submissions prior to finalizing them. Should minor errors be identified after publication necessitating corrections, the journal reserves the right to impose correction charges.

~ These charges amount to $500 USD per corrected article and are the obligation of the authors or their affiliated institutions.

4) DOI Activation Charges :

~ A flat fee of $300 USD will be charged for the activation of each Digital Object Identifier (DOI). This fee covers the administrative costs associated with DOI activation and maintenance of DOI infrastructure.

~ Users are required to make payment of $300 USD per DOI activation in advance. DOI activation will commence only upon successful receipt of payment.

5) Waiver Policy :

~ The editorial office will entertain requests for waivers of retraction, correction, or republication charges in exceptional circumstances, including instances of verified financial hardship.

~ Authors in need of waivers should reach out to the editorial office, providing comprehensive justifications for their request.

6) Payment Procedure:

~ Full payment of all aforementioned charges is required before proceeding with the retraction, correction, or republication process.

~ Upon request or notification of the need for retraction, correction, or republication, payment details and instructions will be provided promptly.

7) Policy Enforcement :

Non-compliance with retraction, correction, or republication charges may lead to suitable measures being taken, which could include withholding publication of future submissions from the authors or their affiliated institutions, among other actions.