Journal of Advanced Zoology welcomes all original scientific information for publication. Please read carefully "Notes to Authors" before making a submission. Complete guidelines for preparing and submitting manuscript are as follows:-
Manuscript should be submitted by mail or online submission to or in Microsoft document format only.
Papers containing original scientific information on all the disciplines of Zoology and does not duplicate any other published work would be accepted for publication in the journal
The manuscript should be in English, concise as far as possible in MS-Word format.
The matter for full papers (approximately 2500 words) should be arranged in the following order:
TITLE: Should be brief as far as possible and in block capital letters. The names of genus and species should be italic.
Name(s) of author(s).
ABSTRACT: Not exceeding 200 words indicating scope, significance of research done and conclusion drawn and should be in such a form so that abstracting periodicals may use it CA without modification.
KEYWORDS: In one line (5 to 7 words).
INTRODUCTION: Should be in concise form stating the scope of work.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: The nomenclature source of materials and procedure adopted should be clearly stated. New methods should be described in details, however, only reference, to popular methods is sufficient.
RESULT AND DISCUSSION: Only essential data for understanding the discussion should be included. The data wherever necessary, should be statistically analyzed and level of significance be mentioned. The interpretation of data should be discussed without repeating information (already present under result).
REFERENCES: Should be placed at the end of the paper numbered consequently and the numbers be indicated in the text (above the line). Citation should be presented as follows:
For single Author-
Sokoloff, A. 1980. Confusum like an atavik mutation in Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae). J. Adv. Zool., 1(1): 1-12.

For two Authors-
Pandey, S. & R. Singh, 2005.

For multiple Author-
Mishra, B.B., C.P.M. Tripathi & S.P. Tripathi, 2009.

For Brief Communications (Maximum 1000 words): The matters should be in running form with a brief abstract, without heading and with citation of reference as follows: Shukla, G.S. & A. Kumar, 1980. J. Adv. Zool., 1(1): 50-52.
All measurements referred to in the text should follow the metric system.
GALLEY PROOFS: Corresponding Author may received a copy of the proof in due courses which he should read carefully for errors and return promptly to Editor with corrections (if any).
The Editor does not accept any responsibility of damage or loss to any paper submitted to him.
No reprints are supplied gratis.
The Editors reserves the right to reject the accepted or invited article without assigning any reason.
CONFLICT OF INTEREST STATEMENT: It must be declared by authors.
COPYRIGHT FORM: Copy Right form should be signed necessarily at the time of publication of manuscript. The form will be provided in the acceptance e-mail.