• Lokesh N Wankhade Department of Zoology Narayanrao Kale Smruti Model College, Karanja (Ghadge), District Wardha (Maharashtra), India



Butterfly, Species, Karanja (Ghadge)


The fauna of butterfly species was studied from in and around area of Karanja (Ghadge) tahsil of Wardha District from period of July 2019 - June 2020. A total 41 species of butterflies belonging to 5 families were recorded. Maximum 18 species of butterflies were recorded from family Nymphalidae, followed by 10 species from family Lycaenidae, 7 species from family Pieridae and 3 species were recorded each from family Papilionidae and family Hesperiidae. In the above study 2 species of butterfly recorded comes under Wild Life Protection Act 1972 of India. The butterfly species Euchrysops cnejus comes under Schedule II and Euploea core comes under Schedule IV of the Indian Wild Life Protection Act 1972.


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